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Dalian Jinzhou Tengda Metal Components Co.,Ltd.

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Dalian Jinzhou Tengda Metal Components Co.,Ltd. was originally founded in March 1993 and set up the new factory in 2001, with a total investment of RMB 10,000,000 Yuan, located at No. 558, Jinwan Road, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, covering a floor area of 6,800 sq.m and building area of 4,800sq.m.

The company specializes in producing sheet-metal products and appliance switch fittings depending on its powerful technical force, complete test methods and advanced production process. It has gained the trust by each Japanese famous company thanks to its high product quality, strict delivery time and excellent service, and it supplies electric discharge machining center for Mitsubishi Electric and most of sheet-matal products for Toshiba medical appliance, so that it has became the fixed supplier for those well-known companies.

At present, employees with junior college background and above account for 40% of the total and the structure of professional technicians group is reasonable, which has supplied the guarantee in human resources for the development of the company. With the progress of science & technology and the continuous improvement of the same products' production technology and quality, the company keeps improving technical and quality guarantee capability through various kinds of training so as to hold in step with international standard.

All production and processing equipments now in our company are imported from Japan, among which ARIES—255(30 position) NC turret punch, CHS6-3l-DAC350 NC plate-cutting machine and RG1OO-NCPZU NC bending machine are the most advanced equipments (all produced by AMADA) in the world sheet-metal components production nowadays, with an annual capacity of RMB 20,000,000 Yuan.

According to the principle of Innovation, Perfect, Practical, Development and the management tenet that Customer's requirement is just our ideal and Customer's trust is what we seek for, the whole staff of our company are making great effort to contribute to the richness and advancement of human society with aggressive, strict and faithful enterprise spirit!


Commonly used sheet metal materials and uses

Mainly used for forming the surface to be processed products (such as dusting, paint, electroplating, etc., the main purpose is to improve the surface quality, due to rust spcc);

Galvanized sheet, aluminum coated aluminum sheet is mainly used for forming the surface after the untreated products, mainly the special requirements of customers, such as galvanized quality;

Stainless steel plate

Anti-atmospheric, acid, alkali, salt and other media corrosion stainless steel acid-resistant. To achieve the role of stainless steel corrosion, chromium (Cr) content of not less than 13%; In addition, nickel (Ni) or molybdenum (Mo) to increase the effect. Due to the different types and amounts of alloys, a wide range.

Stainless steel features: good corrosion resistance, good brightness, high strength; have some flexibility; expensive. Surface treatment is mainly due to the surface quality of the sheet is not treated (such as drawing) can improve the surface quality.


Tinplate (SPTE) is low carbon steel electroplated tin (Sn) steel;

Features: Maintain a good low-carbon steel plasticity, and formability; general material thickness does not exceed 0.6mm.

Uses: Masking magnetic interference mask and punching less parts;

Spring steel

Medium carbon steel containing manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), silicon (Si) and other alloy steel;

Features: The material can produce great elastic deformation, the use of elastic deformation to absorb the impact or shock absorption, but also stored energy to complete the action piece.

magnesium alloy

Features: The lightest metal knot material; than the high strength, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, good liquidity, good anti-static performance; poor corrosion resistance, easy oxidation burn.

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