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Stainless steel sheet metal parts in the correct use of fasteners

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Stainless steel sheet metal parts in the correct use of fasteners

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Fasteners are intermediate links connecting rails and sleepers. Its function is to fix the rail to the sleeper, keep the rail gauge and prevent the rail from moving longitudinally and transversely with respect to the sleeper. On the concrete sleeper track, due to the poor elasticity of concrete sleepers, fasteners in stainless steel sheet metal parts also need to provide sufficient elasticity. For this reason, the fastener must have sufficient strength, durability, and a certain elasticity, and effectively maintain a reliable connection between the rail and the sleeper. In addition, the fastener system also requires fewer parts, easy installation, easy to disassemble. Correct use of fasteners will help extend the life of the fastener, the correct use of the following methods:

1, the fastener-type steel pipe formwork stent construction program must be prepared before the development of more stringent construction program, if the program is not well developed, there may be some unpredictable events during construction.

2, the appearance of fastener quality requirements. The quality of the appearance of the fastener is checked by shaking. Any fastener that has cracks, deformations or sliding threads on the bolt is strictly forbidden to use; to prevent the use of these unqualified fasteners in construction failure and accident.

3, Erection of fasteners template support used steel pipe, fasteners, must be used before sampling testing, sampling pipe, the quality and appearance of fasteners meet the standards, the number of sampling according to the relevant provisions of the implementation, according to a certain percentage Sampling, testing or testing shall not be used uniformly.

4, on the carrying capacity of fasteners, working load on the construction layer should meet the design requirements shall not be overloaded to carry a certain weight, the scaffolding shall not be connected with the template holder, connected to carry out some processing to ensure a reasonable bearing weight.

Stainless steel found in the process of difficult reasons and solutions

The reason is nothing more than the following points:

1, the processing hardness of the tool wear faster, but also difficult chip removal.

2, low thermal conductivity caused by cutting edge plastic deformation and tool wear faster.

3, BUE is easy to cause emblem small pieces of debris left in cutting edge, and cause bad processing surface.

4, the chemical relationship between the tool and the material to be processed causes the work hardening and the low thermal conductivity of the material to be processed, which not only easily causes unusual wear and tear, but also causes the tool to collapse and abnormally rupture.

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