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Treatment of rust on steel sheet metal parts in Dalian

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Treatment of rust on steel sheet metal parts in Dalian

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First, the Dalian metal sheet metal parts after welding pickling and then phosphate powder, after a period of time there will always be some rust exudation, the problem before the pre-treatment process, how to solve?

 1. Pickling acid at the junction without or neutralization is not complete, phosphating into the film is not completely rust.After a period of rust spread rust coating overflow.

 2. Strong acid pickling, strong alkaline degreasing. Residual drug residues in the cracks after the mutual neutralization and not washed with water. Dry baked white goods at the cracks. Painting for some time, these white products. And the air Corrosion of the media chemical reaction and overflow Department of the folder.

Second, the solution to the problem:

 1. Degreasing to be used alkaline degreasing. Can not contain alkaline elements. TAL to control about 15POINT. PH can not exceed 13.

 2. pickling can also be used sulfuric acid, pickling time can not be too long. It is best to use phosphoric acid.

 3. After pickling the best 1 to 2 sodium carbonate and.

 4 surface adjustment is best to use oxalic acid, the use of concentration.

 5. Zinc phosphating acidity to take the upper limit. Dip treatment concentration: TA: 35 or more .FA: 1.2AC: 8 (20CC fermentation tube)

 6. Do not have to wash all the water washing, washing to maintain overflow.

This problem occurred in the 3 to 11 months between manufacturers should pay attention to be careful pre-treatment.


Sheet metal bending molding process

Sheet Metal Bending and Forming: The bending and forming of sheet metal is carried out on a bending machine, the sheet to be formed is placed on a bending machine, the lifting and lowering lever is used to lift the brake pad, the workpiece is slid to an appropriate position, and then the system The moving piece is lowered onto the plate to be formed, and the bending of the metal is realized by the force exerted on the bending lever on the bending plate.

Suitable materials

Almost suitable for all metal materials, the most commonly used materials: steel, aluminum, copper and titanium ductility better sheet metal.

Design considerations:

1. Single bending length of up to 16m (52ft).

2. Metal bending path can only be a straight line.

3. The bending radius of the extensible material is 1 times the thickness of the plate, the radius of the bending radius of the hard material is 3 times of the thickness of the plate.

4. If the metal sheet has not been heat-treated, the thickness of the bend up to 50mm (2in).

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