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Typical sheet metal parts process program

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Typical sheet metal parts process program

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1, Dalian sheet metal structural features

(1) Name: Baffle.

(2) structural features: the processing of the profile is irregular curve contour structure.

2, technical requirements

The material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate, the thickness of δ2mm, the inner contour curvature is not only change but also to be smooth over, and the most severe dimensional tolerance of 35 [-0.3 ~ -0.1] mm.

3, process analysis and process options

According to the parts of the parts and structural features. There are several processing options to choose from:

(1) Die stamping;

(2) WEDM;

(3) high-pressure water cutting;

(4) laser cutting.

4, for the production of diversion board issued 16 production tasks for analysis and comparison of various processes

(1) Die stamping

Because only processing 16 pieces. Although the mold can ensure the accuracy requirements of the inner contour, but the machined hole male die life is easy to break, the high cost of the mold itself and the processing cycle is long, not economical.

(2) WEDM

Accuracy and smooth surface can be guaranteed. But first need to be processed through the wire hole. Processing speed is too slow. Unreasonable (Note: The straight line of the wire cutting process is equivalent to the laser cutting accuracy and roughness, but the accuracy and roughness are not as good as the laser cutting if the free or irregular curve is processed).


Sheet metal flow channel steel mold precast time period

Conventional models of runner steel mold are generally used in the highway, railways, waterways, drains, bridges on the standard components, this type of flow tank mold there are many different types, according to the material to distinguish between plastic material, metal Material, fiberglass material, etc., the choice of any one of the material is to be compared with the design requirements of the drawings, so fully able to meet the requirements of prefabricated cement flow tank components, construction period should also be reasonable maintenance, which is late The use of flow tank mold maintenance work to be strengthened, the metal material flow channel steel mold pay attention to the late rust, plastic material flow tank mold should pay attention to the use of clean and tidy results in order to achieve the normal use of the number of times.

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