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Sheet metal chassis cabinet design, installation and decoration

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Sheet metal chassis cabinet design, installation and decoration

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1. Profile welding frame, solid structure

2. Internal tray space can be adjusted according to customer requirements

3. High-density mesh front door and high-density mesh back door, while addressing equipment protection, ventilation and cooling requirements

4. Four fans at the top of the design, up and down alignment channels can be closed

5. Sheet metal chassis cabinets with universal high load-bearing casters, high load-bearing reinforced ground screws

6. Connecting plate, mounting strip by plating, zinc treatment, with good grounding performance

7. Complete optional accessories

8. Sheet metal cabinet cabinet with quick opening side door, easy installation and maintenance


Prerequisite for high-quality chassis cabinet sheet metal processing

Dalian sheet metal processing generally high-quality chassis less cabinets do paint, plating, low-cost materials in the chassis cabinets generally do baking, electroplating, the purpose of doing so is to cover up the poor quality of their selected materials, at the same time In turn it is possible to increase the thickness of the sheet. Not only chassis cabinet surface treatment, good heat dissipation is also very important for chassis cabinets. Cabinet cabinet professional sheet metal processing is the basis for equipment support, in the car environment, if the mechanical performance of the cabinet can not meet the corresponding indicators, in harsh environments it is easy because of vibration, impact and other dynamic mechanical force and equipment failure Failure. How to maintain the overall beauty of a temperature control cabinet chassis cabinet for a temperature control cabinet cabinet product. In fact, in order to ensure that the overall temperature control cabinet chassis cabinet can be a long time, we need to temperature control cabinet chassis surface treatment process more effort. The quality of chassis cabinet directly affected by the quality of the manufacturing process,

Sheet metal processing technology High chassis edge of the chassis will not be exposed flash, sharp mouth, burrs and other phenomena, and the exposed corners are dealt with by the hemming, not easy to scratch the installed hand. The positioning of each card slots are also very accurate, will not be caused by the installation of accessories or misplaced awkward situation.

1, see the function: the first consideration should be security.

2, look at the plate, the plate must be thick, knock with your finger, you can feel which thick which thin.

3, look at the paint, a cabinet chassis qualified, all of the steel needs painting, painting and must be on average, so as to rust, dust and so on.

4, to see the glass, the glass must be a little thick, but also pay attention to whether the glass around the cracks, if there is a crack, it means that there are hidden dangers, but also to note whether it is tricky.

5, see the architectural layout, in general, the baffle to be more, but also has cooling holes, some metal used to fix the cable to be edged to prevent damage to the cable. Sidewall fans should be installed on the back wall of the cabinet, as most heat is generated at the back of the unit.

6, look at the accessories, because the installation includes network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, the need to buy hook and loop or toothed belt to effectively orderly cable fixed inside the cabinet.

7, to see the heat, it is estimated how much heat your equipment, in general, the roof has two to four fans, the fans are a lot more Yishan friends.

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