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Dalian sheet metal structure differences, process can vary

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Dalian sheet metal structure differences, process can vary

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Dalian sheet metal structure differences, process can vary

The main use of aluminum sawing machine under the square tube, tube, bar and the like, low cost, low accuracy.

Laser cutting is the use of laser cutting, the structure of the flat panel on the shape of the plate cut out, the same NC cutting the need to write the laser program, it can under a variety of complex shapes of flat parts, high cost, accuracy of 0.1 .

When cutting NC, we must first write numerical control processing program, using programming software, the drawing will be drawn into NC NC lathe machine can identify the program, according to these programs step by step on the plate blanking the shape of the plate, However, its structure is subject to the structure of the tool, low cost, accuracy of 0.15.

Punch is the use of press in one or more steps in the plate after the expansion of parts of the flat plate blanking forming a variety of shapes of parts, the advantages of short time-consuming, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, suitable for mass production, but To design the mold.

Shear is the use of shearing materials cut simple pieces of material, it is mainly for the blanking die ready for processing, low cost, accuracy of less than 0.2, but can only be processed without holes without cutting the bar or block material.


Application of Sheet Metal Processing in Painting Technology

As the name suggests, is the last process of the finish, to be dry after the paint to deal with the flaws above, make the best efforts will flow part of the place is not very perfect, then only the late remedy, in fact, the paint was satisfied with the finish Are not very perfect, such as <Benz> <BMW> loading paint will have a slight fish scaly phenomenon, we call the orange peel phenomenon, which is the natural phenomenon of the paint film in the leveling process of drying time difference, Of course, most people are hard to detect, and it is necessary to use expert's level of appreciation to find out. Therefore, if we fool the eyes of the experts, we only have to carry out the paint treatment and we call it the "mirror treatment." First with 1500-2000 purpose beauty sandpaper for leveling grinding <2500 can be used if necessary>, and then with a rough rock or clay composition of the crude wax grinding, processing sandpaper marks, the next step with fine wax grinding < No silicon>, dispose of the traces of crude wax, and then use the reductant to achieve the perfect luster, and then use a mirror finish to completely clear the halo and smear, then paint to achieve the deepest luster, the last process is sealed enamel, This can achieve the perfect finish of the expert level.

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