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Sheet metal processing

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Sheet metal processing

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of computer in mechanical aided design, modern CAD / CAM, FMS, CIMS are widely used in numerical control technology. CNC machine tools since 1952 in the United States successfully developed has experienced five stages of development. With the maturing of microelectronics and computer technology, the development of numerical control technology in our country has been promoted. The successful development of domestic numerical control system has enabled the quality and performance of CNC machine tools in our country to be protected. Due to the adaptability of CNC machine tools to the modification of the workpiece, high machining accuracy and productivity, it has been popularized and applied in various fields.

CNC technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools, which solve the sheet metal processing parts exist high precision, complex shape, large quantities and other issues. CNC sheet metal machine tools, including CNC cutting plate machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC punch press, CNC bending machine, welding machine, flame cutting machine. Their application in the production of sheet metal processing capacity has greatly improved, so that Dalian sheet metal parts in quality, yield to be guaranteed, but also greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers.

Cutting plate cutting in the sheet metal processing is the first process, the accuracy of the material directly affect the processing quality of the back of the process, the application of CNC cutting plate machine to ensure the size of the cutting and feeding the diagonal of the difference . CNC shearing machine is a numerical control device, servo system, measuring device and machine tool. Servo system is composed of three servo motors and servo drives. There are two servo motors located in front of the machine. Usually, one main motor works alone. The working range is 2-500mm. For example, the auxiliary motor is working with the hypotenuse, and the CNC system gives two different instructions to form the hypotenuse. After the positioning of a servo motor, the main processing large board products, processing range of 150 ~ 4000mm. Such as Shanghai QC12K series CNC shears equipped with Swiss CYBELEC DNC60 series can store 36 sequences, the internal memory of 100 sequences.

S stamping is an important part of sheet metal processing, CNC punch can replace the past three punch press processing capacity. Greatly increased productivity. CNC punch is a versatile machine with single punch and turret. In this paper, CNC1000 type, for example, the machine origin Italy. Belonging to the C-type machine tool, processing range: 1270 × 1000mm, the turret has 19 mold stations, divided into upper and lower parts are the mold punch and die, the die outer diameter 25.4mm, 47.62mm, 88.9mm , 125.43mm, 158.4mm, 210.00mm, CNC punch press generally has X, Y, Z three axes. The X axis is the direction of the machine tool 0 degrees, the Y axis is the machine direction 90 degrees, and the Z axis is installed on the turret to control the angle of the mold.

Machine operator according to the parts drawings and process requirements to determine the processing program to write a single. The operator can directly write the program into the program memory through EDIT mode with the operation panel of the machine tool. With the development of CAD / CAM and CIMS machine operators, the operator can input the graphic into the computer to generate the program through the computer related software, Disk through the disk drive input CNC system. You can also use the computer and CNC serial input method. CNC punch press programming instructions are divided into G code M code, G code is used to instruct the machine tool for processing movement and interpolation function. Such as G91 incremental command, G90 absolute command, G29 arc punching, G68 nibbling arc. The M code is the code that instructs the machine to do some auxiliary action. If M30 program stops. After the test procedure is correct, release the caliper into the workpiece and close the caliper. Start the pump and punch the implementation of the program to complete processing.


CNC punch has the following characteristics:

(1) fully automatic lubrication;

(2) punch die automatic cooling and lubrication

(3) hydraulic overload protector screen display and automatic reset;

(4) Equipped with pneumatic / hydraulic variable pressure plate clamp;

(5) Extra large worktable that can fully support large sheets;

(6) high-precision, high-speed low-noise hydraulic CNC punch press;

(7) can be easily replaced by the mold and the safety chain slide table;

(8) polyurethane free ball device to prevent scratches the surface of the material.

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