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Precision stamping process classification

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Precision stamping process classification

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Stamping process can be broadly divided into the separation process and forming process two broad categories. Separation process is in the stamping process so that the stamping parts and blanks along a certain contour lines separated from each other at the same time, the quality of the stamping part of the separation section also have to meet certain requirements; forming process is to make the stamping blank under the condition of not damaging plastic deformation, And converted into the desired shape of the finished product, but also to meet the dimensional tolerances and other requirements. In accordance with the temperature of stamping cold stamping and hot stamping two ways. It depends on the material strength, plasticity, thickness, degree of deformation and equipment capacity, etc., taking into account the original state of the material heat treatment and end-use conditions. Precision mold forging high carbon, high alloy steel, etc., are widely used in the manufacture of precision molds. Laser cutting sheet metal but the presence of such components of varying degrees of segregation of components, carbide uneven coarse, uneven microstructure and other defects. Selection of high carbon, high alloy steel mold, you must use a reasonable forging process to form the module blank, on the one hand so that the steel can reach the size and specifications of the module blank, on the one hand can improve the organization and performance of steel. In addition, high-carbon, high-alloy precision die steel thermal conductivity is poor, the heating rate can not be too fast, and the heating should be uniform, forging temperature range, should use a reasonable forging ratio.

Precision mold stamping burr maintenance program 

①, precision mold gap is too large or uneven, re-adjust the mold gap. 

②, mold material and heat treatment improper, resulting in concave die taper or edge is not sharp, should be a reasonable selection, the mold part of the material used carbide, heat treatment method is reasonable. 

③, stamping wear, grinding punch or insert. 

④, punch into the die too deep, adjust the punch into the die depth. ⑤, the guiding structure is not precise or improper operation, precision guide pin guide over the precision molds and punching guide precision, standard punch operation.

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