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Dalian sheet metal processing process introduced

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Dalian sheet metal processing process introduced

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Dalian sheet metal processing process:

Drawings to the hand, according to the open figure and batch different options blanking methods, including laser, CNC punch press, cutting board, mold and other methods, and then make the appropriate opening according to the drawings. Placed in the CNC and laser next to the workbench, which will help plate placed on the machine for processing, reducing the workload of lifting plate. Some available edge material is placed at designated locations to provide material for the bend test. In the workpiece blanking, the corners, burrs, contacts to make the necessary dressing (grinding treatment), at the tool joints, with a flat file dressing, burrs larger workpieces with a dressing machine, a small hole at the junction Trim with the corresponding small file to ensure the appearance of the beautiful, while the shape trim is also made for the positioning of the bend made to ensure that the bending of the workpiece at the same position on the bending machine to ensure the same batch of product size.

    After the blanking is completed, enter the next process, different parts according to the processing requirements into the corresponding process. There are bending, riveting, tapping tapping, spot welding, convex hull, paragraph difference, and sometimes in the bend one or two after the nut or stud should be a good pressure, including mold punch convex and the difference should be considered First processing, so as not to interfere with other processes after the first processing, can not complete the required processing. When there is a hook in the upper cover or the lower cover, it can not be touched and welded before bending.

    Workpieces are to be surface-treated after the bending, riveting and other processes are completed. Different plate surfaces are treated differently. After cold-plate processing, surface plating is generally performed, and after the plating is finished, no spraying treatment is performed. Phosphating, phosphorus Spray treatment after treatment. Electroplating board surface cleaning, degreasing, and then spraying. Stainless steel plate (mirror plate, matte plate, drawing board) is carried out before the bend can be brushed, without spraying, spraying for the hair to be dealt with; aluminum oxide generally used, depending on the spray of different colors to choose a different Oxidation background

    Commonly used in black and natural oxidation; aluminum to be sprayed chromate oxidation after spraying. Pre-surface treatment to do so can make a clean surface, significantly improve the coating adhesion, can multiply the corrosion resistance of the coating. The cleaning process first clean the workpiece, the first workpiece hanging in the pipeline, first through the cleaning solution (alloy degreasing powder), and then into the water, followed by the spray zone, and then through the drying zone, and finally the workpiece from the assembly line Remove.

    This is the general sheet metal processing to be carried out in the process, the work is very simple, but sometimes it is somewhat difficult to do, to make a level, quality of sheet metal products, not to talk about it, require a large amount The sheet metal platform of the real operation, we can understand.


    Dalian Jinzhou Tengda Metal Components Co., Ltd. sheet metal processing, for the majority of users of sheet metal processing services, continue to provide customers with quality products.

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