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Dalian sheet metal processing box structure welding process code

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Dalian sheet metal processing box structure welding process code

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Dalian sheet metal processing box structure welding process code


1. Scope of application

This Code applies to the welding of box structure.

2 materials

Welding electrodes, drawings and technical information on the provisions of the semi-finished parts and accessories.

3. Equipment and Tools:

a. Pay (straight) flow arc welding machine, CO2 protection welding.

b. welding clamp, mask.

c. platform, cabinet car tires (equipped according to the size of the cabinet structure).

d. Steel tape measure, angle ruler.

e. all kinds of welding fixtures, hand hammer, sand with a sharp hammer flat shovel.

4. Preparation

4.1 Acceptance of production orders should be familiar with the assigned tasks, to fully understand the technical requirements of the drawings and the size of the welding parts.

4.2 to receive all the welding parts, sorted according to figure classification, easy to operate when the correct number of pieces taken.

4.3 All semi-finished products should be handled gently in the transport process to prevent knocking due to external forces, extrusion, resulting in deformation of the workpiece.

5. Process

5.1 The operator should be familiar with their frequently used equipment, tire, fixture, measuring performance and operation and maintenance methods.

5.2 should be familiar with drawings and process documents after accepting the task, do not blindly construct drawings and related technical documents without understanding.

5.3 If the semi-finished parts and components transferred from the process meet the requirements of drawings and other technical documents, if they do not meet the technical requirements, they should be found out in time to solve the problems and the unqualified parts must not be assembled into the skeleton structure.

5.4 Inspection All welders used shall be qualified.

5.5 The first welding of the left and right side walls to be strictly checked according to the drawings, the size of the various parts, the angle is correct or not, if found wrong welding or serious distortion, timely correction and plastic.

5.6 The basic skeleton is completed, according to the requirements of the drawings soldering electrical components installation beams, plates, supports, doors, hinges and other parts, the welding sequence should be from top to bottom, from front to back, the first key after the general parts .

6. Quality inspection

6.1 According to the product drawings carefully check the appearance of the box after molding and the inherent quality of welding. Dimensions of the box structure tolerances according to the drawings for inspection, such as drawings without tolerance requirements, the tolerances can be required to perform the following table:



Size range

The same gap uniform poor uniform gap even poor

<1000 1 2

≥1000 1.5 2.5

Note: The measurement site: height measurement four corners, width measurement before and after the two sides, middle and lower three depth measurement of the left and right, upper, middle and lower three, the deviation calculated by the maximum per site, 1m steel ruler, 1m above 2 ~ 3m steel tape measure.

6.2 The side of the box structure, the back and bottom of the absolute value of the implementation of the following table


Size range

High and wide deep

400 ~ 1000 ± 1.0 0


± 1.5

1001 ~ 2000 ± 2.2 0


± 1.85

2001 ~ 3000 ± 2.7

6.3 door, panel and exposed shell inspection

6.3.1 Door and panel processing should be smooth, bump value within each meter no more than 3mm, and no obvious uneven. Measurement method: After the door is locked, the overall measurement with 1m steel ruler in any part of the measurement (excluding bending part size), ruler and the measured surface distance between the two points to be more than half of the measured surface, 0.5 ~ 1m (not including 1m), calculated on a pro rata basis, less than 0.5m calculated by 0.5m.

6.3.2 Door inspection: The door should be fastened after locking, no shaking and crowbar angle. Door opening and closing should be flexible, the opening angle of not less than 90 °, rotating parts may not be friction with the fixed parts.

6.3.3 Cabinet welding should be firm, horizontal and vertical, firmly on the ground, no forward and backward, shake left and right, smooth and uniform weld, no leak welding, no welding wear, cracking, undercut, splashing slag, porosity and so on Phenomenon, welding slag coating should be cleaned.

6.3.4 Box parts edges and openings should be smooth and smooth, no burrs and cracks.

6.3.5 After the inspection of the above inspection before passing into the next process.

7. Precautions

Strict compliance with operating procedures to prevent personnel and equipment accidents, to ensure safe production.

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