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How to reduce sheet metal processing bending machine set time

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How to reduce sheet metal processing bending machine set time

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Factories should also consider the use of suitable procedures and tooling systems, such as loading and unloading facilities, to enable workers to perform their regular processing tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Auxiliary Tools Features: Many stepper mold systems include punch holders, push-button safety clips, quick-change 2V stampers, and electrically-operated stampers so that the operator can change dies very quickly and individually. These systems also help operators operate more independently and efficiently to accomplish their tasks without endangering safety.

Staged Molds: Produces a finely divided segmented mold assembly based on the required bend length without having to take the time to cut the mold to length. Grinding the mold also reduces or eliminates the need for gasket adjustment. Segmented molds are light and well handled, thereby reducing manual labor and fatigue and reducing the likelihood of accidents. In order to extend the service life, grinding mold also hardened and surface hardening.

Mold logo: Now almost all the mold laser etching information, to facilitate workers to quickly identify the mold, planning and re-sorting. This information generally includes the category number, the tip angle, the radius, the V-shaped slot, the length and the nominal tonnage.

Mold Storage: Saving your molds in groups of cabinets offers the dual benefits of increased safety and improved material / tool management with an organized storage system eliminating the need to look through the shelf for a custom-made length of mold. In addition, the orderly storage enables managers to monitor the status of the mold more vigilantly, thus ensuring high quality inventory, identifying mold wear and damage in time and determining how and when the mold is changed.

Utilize machine tooling features

The new press brakes offer advanced functionality and many features that help workers run the machine more efficiently. Operators who master new machine control features can take advantage of these features to improve performance.

Workpiece Mold Specifications Memory: Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Parts Most of the new CNC press brakes have one thing in common: the ability to store workpiece specifications and all relevant machining information such as mold model, position, and bending order. In addition, CNC functions allow operators to store and access tool libraries, facilitating the management of tool inventories.

Material Thickness Inspection: When using a fine grinding die, the press can detect changes in material thickness and perform real-time bending calculations to reduce the number of parts with excessive or insufficient bending angles.

3-D Graphical Display and Bending Simulation: As the work piece is bent and shaped, these functions show the bending of the part on the controller screen to avoid scrapped parts caused by incorrect molding.

Off-line programming: The bending machine offline programming saves setup time because the worker does not have to program the part machining program; the part program can be programmed by the technician and downloaded to the press brake.

Universal Mold Height: Universal Mold Height Mold Series, which simplifies complex grading mold adjustments with "plug and play" functionality. The universal mold height mold was developed with the advent of the vertical stock movement of the CNC. In order to take advantage of the "universal die height" principle, vertical CNC control is necessary because the universal die height is achieved by keeping the bottom of the die opening at the same height (from the die base). When the die opening is large, the total height of the die must be correspondingly increased. This is the reason why the general mold high mold no longer needs the special pad or the special gasket to drive the mold to close synchronously.

Small, complex parts often require offset bending, 90 ° bends and leveling, and their preparation typically takes place on multiple machines or equipment. Grading or universal mold height molds allow this operation to be performed by a single press at a single charge. With a common mold height mold, operators can install 30 ° molds, partial molds, leveling molds and goosenecks on the same mold base and complete the machining of the parts.

Make full use of bending technology

Metal processing plants that use press brakes currently face some complex problems, and high raw material costs make each rough piece a must. Responsive, sheet metal processing plants willing to change the way bending benders operate to suit their current needs reduce setup time, resulting in greater throughput and lower reject rates.

Developing and implementing well-designed SOPs, making better use of storage and inventory systems, integrating machine tool functionality and maximizing human resources are just a few of the ways to help your bending shop to be more efficient and productive.

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