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Dalian sheet metal chassis shell, you will choose?

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Dalian sheet metal chassis shell, you will choose?

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The main body of the sheet metal chassis is made of high quality galvanized sheet and has the characteristics of strong structure, beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation. It is widely used in the housings of instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, industrial control and precision machinery. Ideal case for high-end instrumentation. Sheet metal shell with a high degree of heat dissipation and hardness, the computer chassis is also the main consideration of thermal issues, and even some high-end CPU water cooling fan is the use of this material.

Dalian metal sheet chassis chassis selection should pay attention to the following points:

1. Check the material is sheet metal material, to distinguish between galvanized, tin. Sheet metal high strength, uniform force, and not easy to corrode.

2. Determine the material, check the optical drive, the location of the interface, meets the requirements, and view the USB and audio interface, you need to have good scalability and easy-to-use features.

3. As we all know, chassis heat dissipation is very important, the fan is one of the ways to play an important role. So we need to see if we have a fan, a few fans, and noisy noise. Also need to check the location of the cooling holes is reasonable.

4. However, if the fan has been used for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dust, dust will affect the use of the chassis, and will increase the noise. So we should timely dust, metal filter is the necessary equipment for dust removal.

5. Finally, we must see the appearance of the chassis is beautiful, the structure is reasonable.


There are many types of chassis. Now the market is more common AT, ATX, Micro ATX and the latest BTX-AT chassis full name should be BaBy AT, mainly used to support only install the AT motherboard earlier machines. ATX chassis is by far the most common chassis to support most types of motherboards today. The Micro ATX chassis was built on top of the AT chassis, which is smaller than the ATX chassis for additional desktop space savings. Each type of chassis can only install the type of motherboard it supports, generally can not be mixed, and the power supply is also different. So everyone must pay attention to when buying.

Chassis Classification Server Chassis Chassis is also an issue that can not be ignored for servers. The main issues for server chassis include: Temperature: How to cool chassis components? Fans (usually from a power source) should blow directly toward or through the processor.

Scalability: Choose a chassis with enough space for network expansion. Be sure to have enough space to add more drives and other peripherals. Check the inside of the case to make sure there are no sharp edges. This will be very important to the safety of the technicians and to the accidental disconnection of the cables when upgrading in the future. Chassis should also allow maintenance personnel to have easy access to internal components for future upgrades or troubleshooting.

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