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How to improve the processing efficiency of sheet metal processing equipment

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How to improve the processing efficiency of sheet metal processing equipment

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With the continuous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing is rapidly developing rapidly, automation is also more and more into the sheet metal processing industry in Dalian. Our sheet metal industry management and technical personnel through the play, carry forward the spirit of big country craftsmen, but also constantly better ourselves and enhance the technical and management capabilities for the manufacture of sheet metal manufacturing and even the revitalization of the manufacturing power to contribute our strength. Advanced processing equipment to promote the overall production efficiency, while reducing the rejection rate, product quality is also greatly improved. The introduction of advanced equipment to the overall benefits of sheet metal production is very much, as follows:


1. Safe operation.

The use of advanced processing equipment, due to the ergonomic equipment and safety precautions in place, personal injury and safety incidents to zero, very good to avoid the other common sheet metal equipment open production is extremely easy to cause potential safety hazards.

2. Materials and equipment utilization increased.

Due to factors such as pre-programmed programming of material utilization factors and no queuing, waiting, transfer sequence and bottleneck in the production process, the material utilization rate has been raised from 82% to 92% and the equipment utilization rate increased from 60% to 88 %, Greatly reducing production costs.

3 staff optimization.

The original sheet metal processing process flow Single-class single-class at least need to cut, red, folding one of the three processes operation, the use of advanced equipment, the scene in addition to programmers and logistics personnel turnover, the quality of inspection and support staff to check the frequency And turnover, reducing the staffing of posts and improving the per capita productivity of 200%, each of whom can operate the original two jobs. At the same time through the company's internal and external training, sheet metal operators with more than 80% have the ability to operate more than two processes.

4. Quality improvement.

The original decentralized process of each process is only responsible for the quality of their processes, prone to nonconforming products, many manual feed because of artificial factors and mold factors products are not interchangeable, the surface of the unfinished processing burr, scratch caused by the transfer of scratches , Deformation and many other factors that affect the quality control, the quality is not controllable. After the use of advanced equipment due to the corresponding step-by-step concentration process, product quality control process are used to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool to ensure that the workpiece processing consistency and high precision.

5. Efficiency improvement.

Accelerate the production of the beat, the original use of generic cutting board, the number of red, bending, due to capacity accounting, equipment, staffing, tooling and other factors can not be completely unified, waiting in line, inspection, transfer order, loading and unloading aids Time is too long, there are many problems that affect and prolong the production cycle, the flow of production value, and the improvement of the bottleneck process. Often, many problems have been discovered, such as new problems, bottlenecks, and firefighting.

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