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Metal sheet metal shell vs plastic shell Who better?

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Metal sheet metal shell vs plastic shell Who better?

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When electronic products were just emerging, many electronics manufacturers chose to use plastic housings. However, in recent years, angry technology has changed so fast that plastic is no longer the single choice. Manufacturers have multiple options such as all-metal Shell, glass and fiber sandwich with the shell, metal and plastic with the shell, metal and leather with the shell. Why are these changes? Why manufacturers tend to more metal shell it?

    The advantages and disadvantages of metal sheet metal shell

    Advantages: improve the appearance of the product, and make the product excellent sense of touch, the other, the metal thermal conductivity is good. In contrast to plastic, metals dissipate the processor and internal heat faster. Moreover, the metal casing provides better protection of the internal components than the polycarbonate casing.

    Disadvantages: Metals have good thermal and electrical conductivity, but because of their high shielding of the radiation due to the high molecular structure, they also have the disadvantage that their thermal conductivity is so good that they allow the processor to overheat Resulting in overheating of the body, it will feel very hot; shield off the radiation, may also shield some of the network signal, in order to improve the network receiving capacity, the need for an external antenna.

    Plastic shell advantages and disadvantages

    Advantages: Plastic enclosures do not shield the network signals and are extremely low cost compared to metal enclosures.

    Disadvantages: the plastic shell of the color value is too low, touch too bad. The poor thermal conductivity of plastics makes it possible for machines to rapidly warm up while running a large number of commands, which in turn can reduce the speed and life of the machine.


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