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Sheet metal quality is the last word

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Sheet metal quality is the last word

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The quality of goods is equivalent to the lifeblood of enterprises, the quality determines the customer's stay and go, as long as we control the quality of this off, the company will continue to innovate and grow, customer source only a steady stream, so that quality is the development of hard reason. Dalian sheet metal processing different customer requirements are different, for the quality control to be controlled.


1. To fully understand the customer's requirements, when we receive a new order to do a certain understanding of the customer's products, as well as to understand the customer's appearance, size, color, function, purpose requirements view. If you do not communicate with customers after the finished product, then no matter how good there will be no new orders.

2. Understand the requirements of the customer after the product, we must have the initial production of the product positioning, according to the customer's product selection process, at the same time note on the process drawings Note: If the surface can not be scratched, color, special openings Wait.

3. Technician to get the drawings after making the process map (展开 图), the technician to draw a good picture to be another technician to check, after checking the signature after confirmation sent to the production department.

4. CNC blanking, CNC blanking the first piece to be full inspection, (CNC punch, metal laser cutting machine, etc.) cutting the workpiece to check, including the size, expand and so on. Mass production must be the first piece of inspection in order to mass production.

5.Bending to bending direction and bending size of the first piece of confirmation, confirmed that mass production began. Replace operator or replace the mold to be re-tested.

6. Finished product, the size of the welded finished product or bent finished product according to drawing requirements for sampling inspection, sampling checks to confirm each size. At the same time to the appearance of the whole seizure, the unqualified timely adjustment, check again. At the same time fill in the inspection report.

7. Surface treatment, the appearance of the surface treatment of the full inspection.

8. Delivery, failed to pass the inspection of the product may not be shipped. Must be qualified after passing the test can only enter the warehouse and then shipped. Delivery should pay attention to the delivery of the packaging, to avoid damage, you must ensure that the quality of the first, the second sheet metal processing concept.

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