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Summer sheet metal processing equipment how to maintain

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Summer sheet metal processing equipment how to maintain

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In the summer, if you do not properly maintain Dalian sheet metal processing equipment, then the machine will certainly be damaged, workers must first sharpen their tools, so be sure to maintain the processing equipment.

    Before working on the equipment, we need to:

    1. Wipe CNC machine tools exposed rail and sliding surface

    2. Run according to the provisions of the various parts of the oil quality to meet the requirements

    3. Check the handle position

    4 empty test run

    5. Check the hydraulic oil pressure and pressure, check the equipment spindle cooling oil, filter indicator.

    6. Check equipment gasifier with or without oil, air filter indicator.

    7. Check cleaning equipment electrical box ventilation filter, the device table locator is dirty, the spindle hole is clean.

    After the equipment is working, we also have to maintain:

    1. The iron scrap all clean

    2. Clean sheet metal processing CNC machine tools parts

    3. Parts homing

    4. Carefully fill in the shift records and other records

    Usually, the equipment shell is also in need of maintenance:

    1. Clean stainless steel machine tool appearance and dead ends, demolition wash the cover, clean inside and outside requirements of oil-free, no rust-free no yellow gold dust.

    2. Equipment cleaning to achieve internal and external cleaning.

    3. Equipment cleaning track and table, no injury without oil.

    4. Equipment cleaning magazine, each tray no dirty oil.

    In fact, the simplest way to maintain the equipment is to clean it.

    1. First of all, it is necessary to rinse the surface of the equipment with water to remove the dirt on the surface.

    2. Then add soap, liquid detergent or 5% aqueous ammonia solution to wipe.

    3. Rinse the equipment again with water.

    4. Finally, we left the surface of the device to dry the water stains, in the dry process we wipe clean, to wipe the same direction,

Wipe the surface to allow the device to dry naturally.

    Although aging of equipment is an irreversible issue, we can delay this "aging" by keeping it clean and keep the equipment clean

Benefit from its high working condition.

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