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Quality is the life of enterprise, how to ensure the quality of sheet metal shell?

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Quality is the life of enterprise, how to ensure the quality of sheet metal shell?

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Quality is an important condition for the development of sheet metal processing and production, so we must strictly control the quality of products, so as to produce good quality Dalian sheet metal parts. Small quantities of sheet metal processing, style and more, not a style of production in the end, but based on drawings provided by the customer to design, the pursuit of personality and diversity, the design of the drawings is not a success on the line, to create the sample is not Once fit, so the sheet metal processing needs attention in detail above, but how to ensure the quality of sheet metal shell products? We can note in the following areas:

    1. To communicate well with customers. If according to the customer's description and drawings to create words, be sure to communicate with customers the good appearance of sheet metal products, size requirements, and the use of the product to facilitate the design of the shell; if it is provided PCB samples, be sure to measure the product Exterior. If customers have special requirements, they must be marked on the drawings to remind themselves not to forget.

    2. After designing the expansion plan, be sure to go through another technician to check the audit. A person may make mistakes, more than one person testing, errors will be less, after testing, and then submitted to the production department.

    3. Production Department production, to communicate with the technician good details and special places, and then operate. Before the first piece of the material to be carried out full inspection, cutting the workpiece inspection, including the size, expand, etc., the first piece of sheet metal in mass production must be tested in order to mass production.

    4. After the completion of large quantities of finished products, the product should be checked, confirm each size, look at the product fit and surface treatment, unqualified sheet metal parts to be promptly processed.

    5. When shipping to pay attention to packaging, so as to avoid the good products so that the delivery of violent loading and unloading to break.

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